PJ's offers a comprehensive repair service, on jewellery, and watches. Here are some answers to typical questions, plus a price menu on jewellery repairs.

If you want to know more, just call us on 01925 571 207 between 9.30 and 4.30, Mon-Sat or pop into our shop, located inside Warrington Market Hall.

Q. How much does it cost to fix a broken chain or bracelet?

A. It costs from £10 for a basic 9ct gold solder, which would be the type of repair carried out on a curb or figaro chain that had snapped. More complex breaks, or something like a broken flat end piece, which requires extra gold to build up the fastener say, would cost perhaps £15-£20.

Q.  How much to replace a watch battery?

A. For most watches the cost is just £5, including fitting and this applies to screwback cases, as well the typical `snap-back' type of quartz watch. Some complicated Swiss brands have retaining clasps, and some digital watches have two batteries, so the cost could be £7.50.

We do not charge a `re-sealing fee,' because unless your watch is a divers wristwatch, the only seal is a thin rubber ring or gasket and these are fitted free.

Q. What's involved in ring re-sizing?

A. To size down a gold or silver ring, the cost is £20 and to size up costs £15 workshop fee, plus £7 per finger size on 9 carat, or £8 on 18/22 carat gold.

Q.  Do you carry out repairs on-site?

A. We do some light repairs in our shop; jobs such as straightening rings, sizing up or down one finger size on a special stretching tool, or fixing swivels, jump rings, bolt rings etc. We can also remove or add watch bracelet links on-site, usually while-u-wait.

Costs are £5 for watch links, whilst silver fasteners typically cost from £2.50, and 9 carat gold fasteners cost around £8-£35, depending on the size.

So whatever your jewellery repair needs, PJ's can help ;-)


Basic Solder                        £10

Watch Battery                     from £5

Watch Links                        £5 (up to 4 links)

Replace bolt ring                  from £3.50

Ring re-sizing                      from £20

Rebuild claws on ring            from £15 per claw ( gold)

Watch service                      from £65

Replace missing stones         £5 for CZ/crystals

Lobster claw fastener      from £3.50 (silver) £8.50 (gold)

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