Rings are great, but like all jewellery, they suffer a bit of wear and tear; stones can go missing in action, shanks can wear thin, and snap, or claws can break which can loosen the stone setting. Not good!

So here's some tips and advice on rings.

Are Opals Really Unlucky, or Just Soft?

The answer is soft. About 10% of any opal remains in liquid form all its life. This means that if you get your opal ring near water it can absorb a bit, swell up, and then when it dries out the opal will shrink and fall out of its setting.

So it's always worth having an opal ring checked out once every two years or so, just to make sure that the claw setting is still 100% secure.

Can A Wedding Band Be Stretched a Bit?

Yes it can. We have a gadget in our workshop which not only stretches wedding bands by around one finger size, but has different dies, so you can shrink a ring slightly too.

It does make a budget alternative to sending a ring to our workshop, but we cannot bend the laws of physics - for a fiver all we can do is alter the by around one finger size, up or down. 

If My Ring Has Very Worn Claws, Is It Better to Scrap It?

Maybe. Certainly doing extensive claw repairs on a silver ring would cost way more than the scrap value of the silver itself. We charge from £15 per claw for rebuild work, so a silver ring would have to have great sentimental value to you if you were spending say £45 or more.

On the other hand, an 18K diamond/sapphire engagement ring not only has sentimental value, it is an expensive item in itself. The cost for 18ct is from £18 per claw, but it is well worth refurbishing the ring. Buying a new one could cost you over £1500, depending on the stones, setting, weight of gold, setting etc.

Broken Rings & Fading White Gold

Is your ring broken? A basic rejoin on a broken 9ct ring costs from £20. It might need a piece of gold to make it bigger, so the cost is £8 per finger size, and £9 per finger size on 18ct. 

Sizing a ring down to make it smaller is just £20 - that includes a professional polish too. To make a white gold ring shiny white agaijn it needs re-rhodium plating and this costs £25.

Clean Your Setting Now and Then

It's worth using a toothbrush occasionally to clear specks of dirt and dust that can build up behind the stones in many rings. Be very careful, especially if your setting `stands proud' on the top of the ring shank.

But cleaning can help reduce the chances of accumulated debris `pushing' the stones out of their setting over time. If you're not confident, then bring it to us and a basic clean and polish is just £5 - takes 20 minutes.

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