PJ's Jewellers

Gold Testing

Do you have older items of jewellery, or perhaps gold that you bought overseas whilst on holiday?

If you cannot see a hallmark and want your gold tested, to see if it is worth selling, we are happy to help.

A chemical test will reveal the carat rating, or purity of your gold. There's no obligation to sell to us.

Please note that a test may leave light marks on gold items. 

Repairs and Workshop Services

We offer a full workshop service, including:

* Soldering and fixing broken jewellery

* Fitting watch batteries and new straps

* Ring re-sizing

* Re-setting stones

* Machine polishing, ring clips, new fasteners etc fitted on-site, while-u-wait.

Our Services

Studex Ear Piercing

We use the Studex system, which minimises any discomfort, and includes a sterile cleansing solution.

Prices start at just £20, with gold studs costing from £25.

Professional piercing, by fully trained staff.

Please note; We cannot provide ear-piercing for children aged under 5 years.

Insurance Valuations

Do you need your jewellery valued for home insurance? PJ's offers a professional assessment, by a qualified industry specialist.

Prices start at £60 for the first item, and then £15 for each subsequent item.

Call us today on 01925 571207 to arrange a valuation.