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If you have typical home contents insurance, then you will probably find that items valued at over £1500, sometimes just £1000, are NOT covered.

You have to list valuable items, such as expensive diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets etc and provide proof that they have been professionally valued - otherwise your claim for loss or damage may be reduced, or rejected.

We offer a fast, fully insured and professional valuation service, at our Warrington shop, located inside the Market Hall.

Our gemstone expert will assess the carat, brilliance and cut of any stones, plus detail hallmarks and condition of gold. You will receive a laminated photo certificate, with a New Replacement Value - this is what it would cost to buy the same items, brand new.

The first item costs £60 to value, with extra items costing £15 each.

Everything is covered on our specialist jeweller's shop insurance policy, whilst in our care. So pop in today, or phone us on 01925 571 207 to find out more.